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Locked Up (selfish weak)

January 10, 2011
By Kevin0115 BRONZE, Herndon, Virginia
Kevin0115 BRONZE, Herndon, Virginia
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Watch this, thunder coming out my fingertips
More like a fire breathe coming out my lips
My anger consumes me like a grenade
Walk like a renegade with my fifth blade
Im just trying to make my fifth stay
Somewhere where I don’t stay
Sleeping next to the bay
Now or out i’m more lonely than ever
What from now on its just whatever
My actions don’t have consequences, I don’t pay the price
I don’t wanna end up like Brice getting shot twice
I don’t want to get incarcerated by the 5-0
So what if I steal, stay hustling and make my own undergo
So what if I end up locked up like monkey
Behind bars sitting next to a drug dealer, funky junky
D*** so who’s going to get me outta here?
These damn cops act like their the overseer
Just hoping someone still remembers me
I hope my family’s still alive not near the Dead Sea
But I see a shadow coming towards my way
I haven’t seen her in a long time, that’s a delay
Slowing on the other side I see you
It took you a long time, finally a break through
Please let me go back to my home
That place that was warm where we were alone, Holm
That place were our children always played around
That was us before I was drafted, end up like a hound and ended up wound
Then when I came home I didn’t wanna face you
Didn’t wanna let you see me at my weakest moment, blew
I blew that thought and made it my reality
No I wasn’t with my regiment actually
I was at bars drinking and smoking
And got in fights left got arrested, started choking
I missed you all my life
And I know that you’ll accept me the way I am, my beautiful wife
I love you so much I mean it from now on
And the past mistakes we both did is all gone
So in less than a minute she got me out
And the beauty of this love spread throughout
When I got home I was with my children
Never will I leave this family for now on I love them

The author's comments:
free style rap on my own. involes everything about me

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