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Did you know?

January 21, 2011
By sunnylynn PLATINUM, Corinth, Maine
sunnylynn PLATINUM, Corinth, Maine
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Don't let people tell you who you can or can't be. The world is ours. All we need to do is take it.

I think of our days together
Each moment special, shining brighter than the last
Those days that flew by so fast
And it's moments like these
The clouds gray in the sky
Days like these, that I wonder why
A day in June, life only got harder
I gave up on me, I gave up on you
And I understand why
Why you're locked in yourself
For the pain I caused, I cry inside
For those sleepless nights, I'm sorry
And there's no other way to say it
No other way to let you know
There's days I wish I hadn't let you go
Forgiveness, I'm not expecting
I'm just hoping, ooh and just wishing
You knew why
This is oh so hard, but nothing is easy
Those days alone, did you miss me?
Cause I'm here,
Wanting you to know
I miss you being near
And that I hadn't let you go
But regrets are over
No more looking back on those days
I'm just hoping, hoping for a way
Some way to make it up to you
A chance to make your face light up again

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