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Pieces Of Our Hearts

February 6, 2011
By Denmark DIAMOND, Sacramento, California
Denmark DIAMOND, Sacramento, California
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the time has come for us to say our very last goodbyes
every voice that we hear and every face that we see
will surely bring warm tears to our eyes
because its time for us to go out seperate ways
but it doesn't matter if we are half a world apart
it doesn't matter how much time will pass
because distance and time
could never put out the memories
that burn like candles in our hearts
as we go through our seperate lives we may find
that the days may get a little rough
but to get through each and everday we won't need much
because the memories we have will always be enough
we'll remember the happy days that we had
and we will stop being sad
because we know that we can have days like those again
and although we may feel alone at times
we'll remember that at one point in our lives
we had someone by our side, we had a friend
so the time has come to say our last goodbyes
and even if we are half a world apart
the voices we hear and the faces we see
will always remain pieces of our hearts

The author's comments:
I just wrote this song as I was playing my guitar. It is just a short melody. This was inspired by those who are perhaps graduating from say middle or highschool and are leaving some friends behind. Also just for anyone that is leaving anyone behind.

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