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I'll Try to Get to it Tomorrow

March 27, 2011
By RemmiWrote SILVER, Goshen, New York
RemmiWrote SILVER, Goshen, New York
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1. A cancerous tumor

2. Within my lung

3. I knew I would die

4. So very young

5. There is a list I started to write

6. So my life would not be a lie

7. There are many things I want to do

8. Right before I die

9. Number 1 involved doing something

10. That I cannot reply

11. I want to have kissed someone

12. Right before I die

13. Zoey, my best friend,

14. Will help cross off the list

15. It didn't matter how bad it got

16. We were bonded by the wrist.

17. Number 3 is a bit disturbing

18. That I want to get a little high

19. One day I'll do some drugs

20. Right before I die.

21. Adam, the neighbor, with his curly brown hair

22. Had a mother that was sad

23. It was her husband that had an accident

24. And he was hurt just a tad.

25. Number 4 is pretty simple

26. Just something easy to try

27. Adam to bring me on his motorcycle

28. Right before I die.

29. The list drove dad crazy

30. And Cal I might have scared

31. There might be people who thought I was silly

32. But I never would have cared

33. Number 5 is kind of stupid

34. So stupid I want to deny

35. I want to steal some stuff

36. Right before I die

37. It is Adam who will catch me in the moment

38. Another reason I'll want to live

39. I'll fall so hard for that boy

40. But love is all I can give

41. Number 6 I'll take Zoey for a drive

42. For many hours to the sea-side

43. I want to visit my old vacation home

44. Right before I die

45. Something will be wrong with Zoey

46. I wont know, but maybe-

47. In her stomach sitting there

48. A beautiful, microscopic baby imagery

49. Number 7 I need to be known for something

50. It's not something I can buy

51. Fame is what I want to have

52. Right before I die

53. Going on the radio doesn't really count

54. If I will have fame

55. Maybe Adam will post pictures of me

56. And everywhere write my name

57. Number 8 I'll have to make a change

58. And resolve a family tie

59. One day Mom and Dad will be back together

60. Right before I die

61. Almost half the time I'll complete a task

62. I'll end up in this room

63. The one that smells of bleach, pain, and blood

64. With a little hint of doom

65. Number 9 is to fall in love

66. I wont even have to try

67. Adam will have completed this task

68. Right before I die

69. Revisions, mistakes, I'll add a few more

70. Of my growing list

71. If my life becomes a cloudy hole

72. There is nothing I want to miss

73. There are some things I want to do

74. Grow-up, drive and fly

75. Those are some things I'll never do

76. 'Cause I know I'm about to die

77. I'll never see Cal grow up

78. Zoey's baby I'll never carry

79. Dad's hair will never get gray

80. And Adam I'll never marry

81. Instructions for my family

82. Instructions for a friend

83. There is a set of letters to deliver

84. When I reach my end

85. A cancerous tumor

86. Within my lung

87. Why, oh, why?

88. Do I have to die young?

The author's comments:
This poem is based on the book Before I Die By: Jenny Downham. Amzing book!

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on Apr. 26 2011 at 4:03 pm
RemmiWrote SILVER, Goshen, New York
6 articles 9 photos 7 comments

Favorite Quote:
Be patient
Life is hard
Be couragous.<3Francis Hoffman RIP

i dont know where it went but Number two on the list somehow got deleted!:(