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I Need you (whoever you is)

June 25, 2011
By Sofiaslyrics BRONZE, Galiano Island, Other
Sofiaslyrics BRONZE, Galiano Island, Other
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verse one:

so many people bring me down

i find it hard to come around

my heart feels like it might break in two

i wish that i didn't need you

but i know i can't survive without your strength

'cause when i go to bed each night i feel as though I've run a great length

and all i know is that i need you


i need you

and you alone

to put me back upon my throne

to hold me tight

throughout the night

to be my sword to be my shield

to you alone i will yield

in you I'll find the strength to sing

and then I'll make the mountains ring

then you'll know that i need you

then you'll know that it is true

that i can't get by without you

verse two:

so many times they say I'm wrong

so many times i can't sing along

and when i stand up and want to share

they show me that they don't really care

they make my life a rainy day

they tell me that there's no way

and all i know is that i need you


verse three:

they may say that I'm so mean

they may say I'm a drama queen

but i''l never let that break through my shell

there are other things they'll say as well

but I'll just stand up stand carry on

i know that i can never can do wrong

and all i know is that i need you

The author's comments:
this song kinda goes to the tune of hallelujah. thank you for any helpful comments.

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