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November 30, 2011
By Cody_Goelz PLATINUM, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Cody_Goelz PLATINUM, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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Only God Can Judge Me
2pac Amaru Shakur

life goes on
2pac Amaru Shakur

I could care less when these haters start to judge
I won’t hate back an I won’t hold no grudge
My self-esteem doesn’t budge no matter what you say
You well somehow in the future have to pay
I may be white but I know how to rap
Hate on me and I won’t hesitate to bust a cap
Mess with me an don’t even worry about the forecast
I come through like a storm live everyday like it’s your last
In the past I would just leave stuff go
But now I create a scary story Edgar Allen Poe
I know the laws but I’m starting not to care
I ain’t dumb I’m bright like a road flare,
You can stare all you want as I walk by
But watch what you say ill make bullets rain I don’t lie
I think I’d hit a problem if people didn’t hate
I’d have little to write id be in a confused state
Late at night I write rhymes about my life
I don’t do drugs got to stay sharp like a knife
I’m a computer programed to do one thing
And that’s to rap and make these haters heads ring
I continue to dress and act the same way
I could care less what you got to say
I will stay the same
Until I hit the good old hall of fame
Marvel C’s the name and I’ll put you haters to shame

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