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Five Star Writer

December 16, 2011
By Cody_Goelz PLATINUM, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Cody_Goelz PLATINUM, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
Only God Can Judge Me
2pac Amaru Shakur

life goes on
2pac Amaru Shakur

I’m so fly like a bird I soar
Rap to me has opened a new door
I started to get writers block every now and then
It aint a good thing no its bad call it a sin
But I even turn writers block into a situation I win
These people think they know me they don’t have a clue
I’ve been to hell and back I just wish you knew
I’m chillin hears it’s already December
But clearly I say it just feels like November
I’m going through life in every direction
I’m cold and heartless man I show no affection
Wait I messed that up let me make a correction
I show affection here and there
But rarely in my life will you find that I care
I’m a tiger in a cage waiting to be free
But I’m a five star writer so I’m gonna leave these haters be
Throwing a hater at me is like throwing meat in the cage
All it seems to do is fill me with rage

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