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Upward Mobility

December 19, 2011
By Cody_Goelz PLATINUM, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Cody_Goelz PLATINUM, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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A little boy begins growing up with no money
When he wants ice cream, he gets great value instead of blue bunny
But in his mind every day is a sunny day
Every night before bed he gets on his knees and starts to pray
He neglects to listen to what others say he’s gonna be
He will be someone some day and every one will see
He protects the people in his position or worse
His mother works hard for every single dollar in her purse
He’s the first in his family to wanna become someone
He stayed up and played the game of life while others turned to run
For fun, he does nothing but write poetry and rap
He wants nothing more than to be known across the map
He makes a tap with his pencil simulating a beat
When he starts to rap people sit up in there seat
Then one day some info hits him with a slap
Someone wants to meet him its his favorite of all rap
This rapper wants to see him face to face
As soon as he hears this information, his heart starts to race
He begins to jump in place this was done by god’s grace
(Instrumental break)
He wants to leave a positive mark when he dies
He doesn’t want to be known for his many lies
So once he becomes famous he starts to help the poor
For the impoverished, he has opened up a new door
He finds there is many more people living like he used to
A lot more people than he thought he knew
So outta the blue he begins to give money
Because after all he’s famous and he’s got plenty
He sees daily people just living on the street
He may buy them a house or just give them something to eat
He feels we should all help one another
He treats every other person like they're his one and only brother
He learned to pick his friends for who they are
And not because the fact that they may drive a cool car
He cares for the people he doesn’t even know
He wants his relationship with life to grow
He wants to be remembered in a positive way
When he dies, he wants a good mark to stay
And to that he prays

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