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Blaming Me

December 20, 2011
By TayTay96 GOLD, Lancaster, New York
TayTay96 GOLD, Lancaster, New York
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-Billy Gardell

A few years ago
It was you and her
I know
Everything about her

You never stop talking about her
So I said something
And you snapped at me
That’s not the way this is gonna be

Stop screaming at me
Cuz I’m not gonna leave
This isn’t about you and me
It’s about you and her

You want her back
I know
But it was so long ago
You need to just, let her go

You need to stop blaming me
For what they did to her
I’m sorry
But this fight has no worth

It’s not my fault
That they killed her
It’s yours

You’re the one who let her go
So please
Stop blaming me

You need to
Listen close
I’m, only gonna say this once

I’m not her, so shut up
It’s not my fault
And if you won’t stop
I’m just gonna leave
I don’t really want to
So end this please

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