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If my love was a star.

March 12, 2012
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If you were a star in the Milky Way, and you twinkled ever so slightly,
Ids come up in a rocket ship, and visit you nightly.
Your shine would be too much for me,
And I would have to leave.
However, as long as I loved you
Id come as long as you wanted me to.
As stars fall and crash and burn,
For your safety I would yearn.
But if my pleas would go unheard,
My heart and mind would be disturbed.
If you fell and tumbled through,
The space in which you’ve grown accustomed to,
I would search day and night,
Not giving up without a fight.
If I saw you burned and wasted,
Without a sparkle on you pasted,
I would love you all the more,
And help you heal your pride so sore.
Can’t you see how I much I love thee?
Thinking, dreaming of you daily?
I can only hope that you,
Love me the way that I love you.

O star, O star tell me something,
If I wished for love, would it be rewarding?
Or would you ignore me, oh distasteful thing,
In your pride and selfish miserable being.
You wouldn’t know love if you felt it,
Only hatred how you have dealt it.
Or maybe you would agree,
To hear and honor my selfish plea.
Perhaps you’ll strip him of all emotion,
setting a great plan into motion.
Maybe we could live happily,
Despite living dishonestly.

If you were a star, Id wish upon you every night.
For being beautiful gives you the right,
To make dreams of mine come true.
That is, even if you wanted too.

Star shine bright,
Star shine lonely.
Star shine upon us,
And light the lowly.

The author's comments:
Again, inspired by choir :)

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