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April 12, 2012
By Acts1338 PLATINUM, Audubon, Iowa
Acts1338 PLATINUM, Audubon, Iowa
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"The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for."-Bob Marley

I hated her
I told her so
she had the reason
I had the know
why didn't she stop
leave him alone
this other boy
he is your home
not this man you see
best friends you'll never be
he doesn't love you ha
see this other boy
he's the one who loves you
he's loved by your family your pa
don't give him up for some old trash
some lying stupid garbage bag
just stick with good great family
don't use this stinkin trash to leave

so (Chorus)
she told him no
to go away
she didn't want
to see his face
herself betrayed
she told him that she'd found
her miracle
after that day
he didn't hear a sound
from her
he wanted on for her
getting madder by the time
that passed him by
but she waited for he
she hoped that he could wait
feeling sadder by the time
she realized
her sacrifice was all lies
her hope inside
had chose to die
her love was no miracle
it was just another tear
that started a ripple
(end of chorus)

now now this other boy does love you
just because he says otherwise
doesn't mean it's true
just give it time
work out this fight
he'll say it's true before the night
believe me sis
your made for him
perfect picture really is
I'm telling you girl
you'll always be his
at least until he moves
come one now he still loves you
Elijah wouldn't lie
you've known him for a long time
trust me he's the best find

and again (Chorus)

See hun? We're fine
I told you it just took some time
smile isn't this great?
you've found him
you don't have to wait
this is no catastrophe
I'm glad you listen to me
arent you?
don't you think this boy will do
but she didn't think that
she said she didn't know
she'd done something wrong
this decision must go
she'd her a friend
her best in fact
this was her worst
most murderous act
how could she kill his inside like that
why had she left him crying flat
well tonight she'd cry
and remembering his pain
would make her want to die

so she begged him please
return to me
I'm pleading sean
crawling on my knees
I'm the worst mess
I've ever seen
and if i can help
oh let me be
I'll never feel the same again
the guilt I feel will never end
I'm doomed to cry a river of tears
I'll never forgive in all life's years
you can hate me if you wish
but don't forsake me like I did
don't ever do
the wrong I did
when I hurt you

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