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Be Somebody

November 30, 2012
By L7SquariaN GOLD, Madison Heights, Virginia
L7SquariaN GOLD, Madison Heights, Virginia
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My momma used to tell me
That I could be anything
That’s when I used to pick my brush up
And just pretend to sing
Then I went and grew up
And now it seems to me
That everybody’s somebody
Nobody wants to be
Ya see, this world is rarely fair.
It seems that only in your dreams
Can you ever catch a break
And relieve all of your screams
But me, I’ll be somebody
I’ll make something from this life
No matter what’s in store
I will fight through the pain and strife
Cause you can’t be anybody
If you aren’t doing anything
So me, I’ll start off slow
And then work for everything
And no, I don’t want the money
I only want the fame
The only goal in my life:
Remember my name

This is plausible, correct?
Or, maybe, is it not?
Because everything is bound to fade
Into an “I forgot”
But I won’t let that happen
I will leave my legacy
And if you care to disagree,
Just wait and you shall see

I won’t let anyone decide
What’s to become of me
Not even my destiny will choose who I will be
And if I have sparked your interest,
Then I invite you to listen
To the story of my future
That is yet to be written

I don’t care for everybody
If everybody’s nobody,
Nobody to tell me that I can be anybody
Cause I will be somebody
Yes, I will be somebody

The author's comments:
My remix to XV's first verse in "Everybody's Nobody"

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buttface said...
on Dec. 3 2012 at 3:25 pm
very good. i felt like it was written for me..