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The Cruelty of Wishes

May 12, 2013
By Priesty GOLD, Bloom, Indiana
Priesty GOLD, Bloom, Indiana
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I wished for utterly nothing, things that would keep your life the same

Like a text heavy refrigerator magnet, or maybe an old board game

But for the life of me I wouldn’t stay still for now or even later

I’d bound around the cliff and push you off

Creating a masterful grapefruit shaped crater

And believe me I’d hover

For a second to discover

The real mess I loved to create

The wishes you’d beg for that I’d had; I knew I was a traitor

But if wishes were fishes…

I’d still never stay still now or even later

The author's comments:
I guess you could say that the narrator has the ability to wish for something the other person truly needs; but the narrator is so vengeful that they would tease them by instead getting something trivial like a magnet or board game while the other begs. The fact is that everyone will be cruel and everyone will beg someday.

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