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Wings - Original Song

October 16, 2016
By ruthvera SILVER, Dublin, California
ruthvera SILVER, Dublin, California
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"Sometimes the right path, isn't the easiest one"

Verse 1:
There was no breeze. The sea was as flat as a plate-glass window.
But I knew, that this world won’t be the end of me.
I am small, but maybe I can grow even further.
This piece of mind may be my melody.

‘Cause I am anything but a small voice.
I will cherish all the things that are brought to me.
And although things around me always seem to come by.
I won’t hold my breath until I’m deep beneath.

The water's rising, but I will rise higher.
The feeling’s sinking but I know that I will crawl out of this hole.
I’ll be singing loud. I’ll be on the top of the world.
Yeah, you’ll hear me, because I’m not a blossom no more.

Verse 2:
I used to be broken. But things can always seem deceiving.
No shattered pieces, no lost in hope.
Everything is changing, too fast, too slow, too, I don’t know.
I’m gonna get stronger, there’s no time to mope.


I am a butterfly, trying spread my wings out.
Will fly higher, no there’s no need to deny.
I was a seed, no there wasn’t any doubt.
So watch out, watch out because I’m brighter than the sun alright (x2)


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