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this is how i feel

December 14, 2016
By JacobBaker GOLD, Sacramento, California
JacobBaker GOLD, Sacramento, California
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I feel like i'm falling apart, i need you here with me.
But i know in my breaking heart, that we weren't meant to be.
You made your choice between me and him,
And now only your voice can make the world feel less dim.
You say you love me, and yet you didn't choose me,
You say you want me, but how can that be?
When you chose him, instead of me?
I say it's not hurting,but that's cause it's killing
I won't admit it because you don't know what you're doing
You kiss then you tell
It feels like i'm walking through hell
Which i would do for you, like going to a gym
But i didn't expect it to be because of him
Don't think i'm mad, cause i'm not
I'm just sad, cause i thought
We had something real
They say time heals a broken heart
And i guess the healing will start
After i've lived a few lifetimes and
Now i'm all out of punchlines because
Laughter isn't the best medicine when
You've been given a head of beautiful sin
And there's something i've gotta tell you
And now i can tell you
I've got it straight in my head
now i can write it down with my pen
Every day i see you, becomes the new best day of my life
But now i don't know what to do,because now it hurts like a knife
Which is more important:
Who you would live for or who you would die for?
All these thoughts and more
I keep locked in a drawer
In the farthest corner of my brain
But someday i'll open it up again, for you
When he's done, and he's gone, and it's just you and me
For eternity
Cause i love you like no other
Even while you love another
Even while i'm not 1 of 2
Of me and you
My love for you is like a drug
All i want is a freaking hug
I'm thinking all this and more
Behind a closed door
I think of you while in bed
I can't get you out of my head
I'm trying to sleep but
My love for you runs to deep
Is it wrong?
These feelings i have for you
And things i wanna do
My heart,it beats, like a gong, for you
My love, my dove
My one and only, i feel so lonely
All of this and more is
how i feel

The author's comments:

i reasently experienced heartbreak and i wrote this shortly after

i hope itll help someone else

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