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December 12, 2017
By JacobBaker GOLD, Sacramento, California
JacobBaker GOLD, Sacramento, California
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I feel like i know you, but i know we’ve never met
Before now, but when we did i wouldn't have bet
That i’d fall in love with you, and yet
Here i am, in love with the girl who sparkles
This girl is you, and you’re sweeter than caramels
I'm in love with you, i would swear it on a hundred bibles
But how can i say this when i'm practically a stranger
So here i am, stuck as a dreamer
With my heart beating faster and faster
Knowing that you are reading this, but not knowing what you feel
And sitting here writing and it all seems unreal
I think that you are my Achilles' heel
Getting with you seems impossible, but not doing so feels the same
Because i don't know if you’ll treat my love like it's a game
Like girls of the past whose names i won't name to lay blame
But i can tell that you are different, you wouldn't hurt me that way
I guess i knew that, that's why i'm saying what i have to say
If you feel the same about me you may
Tell me but if you don't then still tell me please
Speak now so i can forever hold my peace

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