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Please Come Back

April 29, 2018
By bookworm12120 PLATINUM, Crafton, Pennsylvania
bookworm12120 PLATINUM, Crafton, Pennsylvania
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Your smile got sadder

And it makes my heart shatter

Your undereyes are darker

And everything seems harder

Than how it was before

With that smile that I adore

It's not like that anymore

Now you're staring at the floor


Please come back

From that dismal place in your mind

Please come back

From that prison that keeps you confined

Oh, please come back

From the darkness that suffocates


And mutilates

Oh, please come back

Before it is too late...

I miss your smile

You've been gone for a while and-

Please come back...

I know you're trying

But I can hear you crying and-

Please come back...

Please come back...

Before it is too late...

The author's comments:

Don't let the darkness win...

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