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Taking Care of Our Surrounding

January 2, 2019
By SteveAnon BRONZE, Roseville, Michigan
SteveAnon BRONZE, Roseville, Michigan
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Pungent odor permeated the air

Rubbish lay dispersed across the alley

A horrible place, more than one could bear

Intensified by vulgar graffiti


Tipped-over trash bins scattered on the ground

As leftovers are scrimmaged by rodents

The floor had turned black when it once was brown

Dirt and decay defining each moment


A figure started to empty the bins

Cleaning the place to his heart’s content

Very soon many figures could be seen

The place now emitted a fresh, new scent


If people took care of the surrounding

Life would become much more satisfying

The author's comments:

We the people need to work together to clean up this planet

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