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I Am That Girl

August 14, 2019
By LaurynHieb BRONZE, Chico, California
LaurynHieb BRONZE, Chico, California
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I am that girl with blades in her hands.

With fire in her eyes.

And words made of sand.


I am that girl who cuts through the world.

With a shadow so big it could swallow the stars.

Her soul is a riddle of bruises and scars.


I am that girl who despite being brave is afraid of the dark.

And it's cruel whispers.

That try to kill her flying sparks. 


I am that girl who loves all things wild.

Who runs through the woods.

Like a careless child.


I am that girl who lives for the time.

In which words fly like blood.

And settle like grime.


I am that girl who likes the silence.

That comes with decay.

But will turn it quickly to cold violence.


I am that girl.

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