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A Battle of Wits

January 8, 2020
By ashleyrossi6102 BRONZE, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
ashleyrossi6102 BRONZE, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
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You and I argue like cats and dogs do,

We fight like elements, fire and water,

Yet we have learned from one another too,

Work well together, different from each other,

Debating topics, usually your choice,

Music, politics, climate and many more,

Though always talking you never lose your voice,

Even though it is you that I adore,

Your eyes electrify me, bring me love,

A battle of wits I will not win,

You stay with me, like a couple of doves,

To be amazing as you is a sin,

A battle of wits you have challenged me,

Though now I have discovered, I love thee.

The author's comments:

A couple of people who debate realize that they are like one another, they realize the love they can give each other despite the amount they debate simple topics. 

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