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A Strong Heart

December 21, 2010
By Elizabeth-Martin PLATINUM, Georgetown, Massachusetts
Elizabeth-Martin PLATINUM, Georgetown, Massachusetts
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When life gives me a reason to cry, I'll show life that I have 1000 reasons to smile.

I don't think I ever knew you. You never even smiled.
I don't think you ever loved me. You treated me like a child.
I don't think you ever cared. You never could read my face.
I don't think our love was real. You were clever, but you were fake.
I don't think you knew your strengths. You sure knew where I was weak.
I don't think you ever listened. You never ever let me speak.
I don't think you ever remembered. You only knew how to forget.
I don't think you were ever kind. You would make my blue eyes wet.
I don't think you held me with care. You pushed me 'till I broke.
I don't think you had me in your heart. You acted like I was a practical joke.

I don't think I could handle each tear. I couldn't be in love with someone so wrong.
Now I can't even remember your name. Because I'm the one with a heart so strong.

The author's comments:
Being strong is what pulls you though the bad times. To forget somebody that you used to be in love with is only possible when your heart can be strong.

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