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Loving Hatred

October 4, 2013
By JLEIGH96 GOLD, Corydon, Indiana
JLEIGH96 GOLD, Corydon, Indiana
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Your eyes through me cut like a rusted knife,
Your voice, it salts my newly bleeding wound,
Do I belong inside your lonely life?
Though you hoped I never willingly swooned,

The fights, exhausting, and great grief they do cause,
And the love brought after once again cuts me,
By the minute I weaken, wrapped tight in gauze,
And regretfully my heart is with thee,

Though the pain you cause is unbearable,
Our love unbreakable and strong it is,
But I’m told it’s not love it’s terrible,
Your touch is sweet your eyes my soul doth kiss,

Silence Love, come with me today,
For with you a lifetime I’d like to stay.

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