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April 21, 2014
By rcatr SILVER, Mexico City, Other
rcatr SILVER, Mexico City, Other
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I believe everything happens for a reason...

Society´s idea of perfect says it all
They expect too much, making us live a lie
Perfection puts us in between the knife and wall
Open your eyes, perfect or not, we´ll all die

We´re being labeled, waiting to be told who we are
The problem´s not you, but their lack of respect
Don´t hide in the dark but shine bright like a star
The word “imperfect” you will need to accept

Who is he to make you believe he is above?
Who’s she for you to question yourself and doubt?
Shut out his words and let them drown in the flood
Forget her words and let them fade in the drought

Society´s corrupt, but who is the real enemy?
Think about it, since we are part of society

The author's comments:
This sonnet is inspired by the 21st century and the point of view of teenagers towards perfection. I hope people will realize how overrated some things are today and how specific the definition of perfection has become.

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regina said...
on Apr. 24 2014 at 8:18 pm
excellent, extraordinary ¡¡¡