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Nothing Gold Can Stay

November 18, 2009
By Lahari GOLD, Edison, New Jersey
Lahari GOLD, Edison, New Jersey
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\\\\\\\"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That\\\\\\\'s why its called the present.\\\\\\\"
— Eleanor Roosevelt

\\\\\\\"When life gives you lemons, make grape juice. Then sit back and watch as the world wonders how you did it.\\\\\\\'

In the poem "Nothing Glod Can Stay" Robert Frost is trying to convey that during the time when the sun rises all the leaves on the trees and all the greenery around us seems to be gold. The leaves seemed to be bunched up like golden flowers, but all the beauty vanishes the moment the sun is up in the sky. Then all the evils of the world come into view like in the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve are banished. This very short cycle repeats everyday. I thought that this showed the short, repeating cycle of the life of mankind. At first the human is born and all is well and happy. The beautiful baby being born there is much joy and excitement , but he/she is not able to keep with him/her all that joy forever. No matter how hard one tries to hold onto the memory of that day ,he/she can't. Then, like a blink of the eye he/she passes through childhood and adulthood and then the evil death welcomes her/him. One has many sweet memories life but soon it has to end. Once one dies the beauty of all the sweet memories are gone. I believe that "nothing gold can stay", means that one has many golden memories in life but soon they will all slip away but the for the moment that they are there you should really enjoy them.

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tanaya BRONZE said...
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