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iPhone 4: iBEST or i WRECK

March 21, 2011
By HikariLight BRONZE, Austell, Georgia
HikariLight BRONZE, Austell, Georgia
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The iPhone 4 came out not too long ago, and since then, Apple has been giving it the name of the best smart phone ever--that it doesn’t live up to outrageously false hypes and is really all you need in a phone, but does the iPhone 4 live up to any hypes?
The phone is a new and revamped version of the 3gs, featuring two 5 mega-pixel cameras (front and back) a new sleek screen, a new body new apps, and a new operating system, but as we go into depth, most of these features have hateful sour defects, but let’s start from the outside in.

No more curves!

The iPhone 4 carries a new shell--one that is a lot skinnier (about 25% thinner than the iPhone 3gs) and the curves have been replaced with curved corners giving this phone a more sophisticated look. Along with that, there is also a new screen that carries a special feature: Retina Vision. Why Apple calls it this--simply because the quality on the iPhone 4 is better than the quality of our own human eyes. Our eyes can’t detect everything, but according to Apple, this smart phone can! You have to zoom, zoom, and zoom to see at least one pixel on the screen; it’s that enhanced! However, with this new screen, there are also some new problems.

The screen on the iPhone 4? It’s a heap of easily smudged glass sitting on top of an aluminum frame, opposed to the iPhone 3gs’ nice and protected screen. According to iFixyouri this makes the new screen “susceptible to shattering,” meaning when the screen breaks it will shatter like a window, but then again, the screen’s strength is yet to be tested.

What’s a phone without all-access unlimited apps? An Apple one.

Apple is getting real picky when it comes to apps, so don’t be too shocked when you see that apps are slowly being deleted from the database with the fact being that the app ridicules important public speakers or that the app is explicit and raunchy and viewings of it are not fit for children, and other factors of the sort. And don’t even expect Apple deleting apps from the store for no apparent reason whatsoever. That’s normal.

But throw away all the restrictions, all the perverse, irrelevant, fatuous apps, and you’ve landed on a couple good ones, such as FaceTime. Even the name is thrilling and light hearted. Wouldn’t you want to download an app with this kind of attractive name? The app allows users to video chat quickly and easily compared to other video-chatting apps on other phones that are just foolishly complicated to set up, much less execute. The app makes the owner feel special in both ways when they notice it’s designed for only their phone, and when they call their mom via FaceTime, they notice Mum doesn’t have an iPhone 4....Thus mentioning the DOWNSIDE: video chat is for iPhone 4 users and only iPhone 4 users. That means, if Mum has an iPhone 3rd generation or a 3gs, she won’t be able to see your bright and shiny face in the morning, but who would want to see your face on FaceTime? According to CNET, the quality of this app isn’t as good as the quality of the phone in general. It truly “won’t blow you away.”


From personal experiences, iPods and iPhones are both scraggly old men when it comes to battery life. With a whole day with no power, they both die out like a ninety-year old man walking seven miles. With a bad rep already with a horrible battery, you’d think that the iPhone 4 is going to fall in the same grave, but no, you are happily mistaken. The phone promises seven hours of 3g talk time, six hours of web surfing wi-fi, ten hours of video playback, fourty hours of audio playback, and three-hundred hours of pure standby. Engadget has claimed that they have been able to pull out 38 whole hours without any power from the phone. Simply, remarkable, right? You can thank the iPhone’s new processor for that one: the A4.
This processor is beyond the fastest from Apple, but from the 3GS, you can’t really tell the difference much.

Let’s Multitask!

Multitasking on the iPhone isn’t really multitasking. Basically you just bring up the multitask menu from anywhere and you can jump from emails to internet to apps to more apps to music and back to the internet with a touch of a finger. It’s pretty convenient, and since Apple has figured out how exactly to multitask efficiently without wasting battery life, you can do several things all at once and get back to them within a second--EVERYTHING...except call and surf the web simultaneously.

Final judgement:

With a glossy, sexy, smudgy and dangerous screen, a battery life with nine lives, a faster processor, “multitasking,” two high quality cameras, a thinner body, and greater than the human eye visuals, we solely rate Apple’s latest phone, the iPhone 4 from the bottom of our hearts as a:
4 Stars out of 5.

The iPhone 4 is an excellent, superior, smart phone with kick-back and easy to use features that will suit almost everyone. Disregarding the price, it’s worth buying (if you purchase it on the desired service carrier) and heck, if you’ve already have your iPhone in your hand and you think this review is clearly hyping the phone up to higher standards and is biased and false, I am ecstatic to tell you that I don’t care.

Happy Calling.


The author's comments:
I wrote this for an English project. We were making a magazine and this was an article I contributed to it. It's an article on the iPhone 4. I don't own one, but I researched the specifics and just wrote my opinions on paper. If you are up for an iPhone 4 but are a little shaky on purchasing the phone, this article should help finalize your decision.

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