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Top 10 Must Reads (timeless)

August 25, 2021
By Lisa-Mary-Paul PLATINUM, Copenhagen, Other
Lisa-Mary-Paul PLATINUM, Copenhagen, Other
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1. Wonder by R.J. Palacio


       It’s a children’s novel and is about a boy Auggie who has congenital facial abnormality and how he has to face the many obstacles in his personal and school life! In my opinion, Wonder is extremely gripping because it’s a burst of positivity and really is an eye-opener of how we treat others and the boldness and fortitude it takes to overcome these negative responses.


Review: 95% and according to Goodreads 4.5/5 liked the book.


2. Friends Forever by Danielle Steel


  It’s about three boys and two girls who meet at a very young age, at Atwood School and become inseparable. The book is all about how they lean on each other through all the bumps and bends of childhood and adolescence. I relished this book because it is a powerful reminder of beautiful interdependence present in friendships and it left me in absolute awe.


Review: 92% and according to Goodreads it’s 3.7/5.


3. Kaleidoscope by Danielle Steel


     It’s about a gorgeous French woman and an American actor meeting and having almost fairy tale like love but tragedy results in them leaving 3 orphaned children Megan,Alexandra and Hilary who are separated from each other and lead completely different lives! This book is so amazing because it has a balanced mixture of love,laughter and will bring you to tears. I highly recommend this!


Review: 96% and according to Goodreads it’s 3.9/5


4. The Present by Spencer Johnson


         One of my favourite books of all time…it’s a unique book of living in the present, finding happiness and throughout the book there are some powerful summary/notes on certain pages, do read it.


Review: 3.9/5 according to Goodreads.


5. Midnight Gang by David Williams


       A funny children’s read—the extraordinary story of 5 children in a wonderfully inventive and eccentric children’s hospital at a constant midnight adventure. It’s a story of friendship,theatre and magic…it made me hope for a midnight adventure of my own at the end!


Review: 93% and according to Goodreads it’s 4.4/5


    6. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness


         This book is magnificently touching and the writing will bring you to tears (all the emotions are so raw) it’s undoubtedly a must-read. No matter your age you will absolutely love this one.


    Review: According to Audible 4.7/5 and Goodreads it’s 3.9/5


   7.  Little Women by Louisa May Alcott


        This book is a classic! With their father fighting in the American Civil War, sisters Joe,Beth,Amy and Meg grow up, find love and find their place in the world. A poignant, unforgettable read.


Review: 88% and according to Goodreads 4.1/5.

  8. Grit by Angela Duckworth


        A self-help book that helps you learn the secret to success! A mixture of passion and perseverance. Angela Duckworth us a researcher and is able to tell in her book that attaining success is more than inborn success or skill—but it’s grit!


Review: According to Goodreads 4.1/5 and 83% liked this book




  9. Hetty Feather by Jacqueline Wilson


        A gripping series cleverly written by Wilson with its intricate detail of every scene, it’s about a young girl abandoned by her mother at the Foundling hospital as a baby. She lives in a foster home before returning to the Foundling hospital as a curious 5 year old.


Review: According to Goodreads 4.2/5


10. A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

          A  Little Princess is an astonishing story (will make you cry)! Sara is sent to boarding school after her father enlists in WW1, when he’s presumed dead, the headmistress knowing she won’t receive any more money—forces the girl to become a servant.


Review: According to Goodreads 4.2/5 and 92% liked this book

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