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They All Fall Down Book Review

May 3, 2022
By Anonymous

When reading They All Fall Down I was constantly entertained by exciting decisions being made by the main character. This is why I had a hard time putting my iPad down.Personally, I am biased towards thriller novels, however this book is genuinely exciting and when telling my friends to read, it they share a similar opinion. 

The author sets up multiple conflicts for the reader to keep track of, and if you forget about one of them just when you least expect it, it will come back to haunt one of the characters. While I can't relate to being a part of a "game show" I can relate to the internal conflicts Miriam is facing and it kept me engaged while reading. Not only is there a thick plot of conflicts between characters but there is also the internal conflict Miriam faces as a divorced single mother away from home, which adds authenticity to the story. 

However, there is more to this book than conflict. There is a sense of mystery that the reader can feel from the very beginning. It makes you suspicious of everyone and everything as Miriam tries to get off the island. This mysterious tone can make you forget about things that have happened that will become more important later on in the book. 

Overall I am very happy with this book; it does a good job of keeping you reading even if you don't enjoy reading the constant conflict, the sense of mystery will keep you hooked in. I would 100% recommend this to anyone who already loves thriller books or is looking to get into them. 

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