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By Anonymous

   First, I would like to compliment Williams on hiscreative genius. Tailchaser's Song will give you an entirely differentperspective toward cats. I am a cat person; I'm not sure if someone who doesn'tlike cats would get as much out of this book.

The author creates a worldin which cats are dominant. They have their own language and theories, includingthe human creation which is both funny and appropriate for how cats might think.It's pretty overwhelming how this author thinks - pure genius, infact.

The hero is Fritti Tailchaser. He is a young tom cat, intent onfinding his friend, Hushpad, who has mysteriously disappeared. She is "ofthe silky fur and long whiskers." What could have happened to make herdisappear without a trace? There is something out there, something that iscausing others to disappear.

Tailchaser and his companion, Pouncequick,recently out of kittenhood, journey to the Court to seek help from the queen ofcats. Along the way they find themselves being followed, but by whom? Through-outtheir journey they meet up with many of the feline species: The Firstwalkers,Eatbugs (a cat who is quite mad), and Roofshadow, a young fella who will helpthem on their way. They find themselves enemies and allies, and a whole lot oftrouble. Some of the mishaps are hilarious, you can't help but laugh.

Ifyou like cats, you certainly will like Tailchaser's Song. Even though it's almost400 pages, it doesn't seem long.

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i love this !