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By Anonymous

   Don'tSweat the Small Stuff - and it's all small stuff is a great,helpful book. It shows you how to keep small stuff fromdriving you crazy. Dr. Richard Carlson gives advice on how tomake the stressful things in your life disappear.

Thisbook is a great help to anyone who is stressed or depressed.It gives you ways to trust your intuition and live each day asif it was your last. Dr. Carlson also gives suggestions on howto make your attitude more peaceful and happy. Don't Sweat theSmall Stuff is one of the best books I have read and was a NewYork Times best seller.

Dr. Carlson talks about doingnice things for other people without telling them, how tobecome a better listener and gives suggestions on lettingothers have the glory and letting them be right most of thetime. He stresses doing good things for otherpeople.

One thing that really helped me was the chapteron becoming more patient. "Without patience, life isextremely frustrating," he reminds us. Everything he saysis so true, it is just that no one would think of it becausewe are all so caught up in the moment.

You might thinkthis book sounds like one of those self-help books, but it'snot. It is information that is extremely helpful in living astress-free life. You may also think this is an adult book,but I found it really interesting and helpful. I'm not a bigreader but I couldn't put this down. Now I am more patient andstress-free than ever. I just hope that if you have astressful life, you read this book. Trust me, it will helpyou.

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