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By Anonymous

   Do you like reading books that you have something in common with and are interested in? Do I have a book for you: Song of Solomon. Here are many different situations that readers can relate to - family feuds, fighting, and mysteries of the past. This book keeps you up late wanting to read more. Fiction is great when you want to dream and fantasize about things that will never happen. The best stories are the ones related to real life. Song of Solomon is comprised of two parts. In the second part, characters' attitudes toward things change drastically.

Macon is an insecure man whose sister, Pilate, is always calm, cool, and collected; they have not talked for a long time. Pilate always gives good advice to other characters. Macon acts like a child, because he thinks his sister took something they had found together as children. This problem goes on for years, even when they have children of their own.

One situation shows the stupidity of the human race. Reba, Pilate's only daughter, is the "half millionth customer" at a store. The owners do not want to give her the prize. For some stupid reason they have a second-place winner. The difference between the two? Reba is a young, black female, and the other winner is an older, white male. This illustrates how immature people were in the 1920s.

One character interested me: Milkman. He is one whose attitude changes in the second half of the book. He interested me because I think he is so pitiful. He is spoiled, self-centered, and egotistical. He lives his whole life with his parents. His father gives him a job. He has everything he ever wanted, except the truth about his past. He hears different stories from his father and mother. Then he begins a search for the truth of his "people," and becomes more independent.

This is an extraordinary book. The farther you read the more you will be held tighter, and tighter, making you want to read more to find out what is going to happen. I would recommend it to any mature reader. I hope that others enjoy Song of Solomon as much as I did! .

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