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Four Blondes

November 4, 2007
By Anonymous

4 Blondes

4 Blondes, written by Candace Bushnell, is an intriguing book about four blondes and their scandals, lies, and problems. One story involves a girl trying to prove everyone wrong. The beginning of the story shows her experiences with wealthy men that she uses for money. She remains friends with quite a few of them but not all. Realizing she can be self-sufficient, she wants to prove it. The next story involves people only pretending to be happy. It shows their problems and their disloyal relationship. The third shows that unexpected people can be unhappy, even a prince and princess. The final story is about a single woman doing her work, writing about how Englishmen are in bed. She eventually falls in love with one of them but then has to return home, only to realize that it was a mere infatuation.

The main characters in this book are very compelling. Janey, the major character in the first story, is a snobbish model. She dates very wealthy men during the summer. Once the summer ends, the romantic relationship ends too. Eventually, she wants a way to find independence. In the second story, James and Winnie Dieke are the interesting characters. Neither of them is faithful to each other. James is afraid of everything, especially his wife. Winnie hates everything, especially her husband. These two seem like the “perfect” couple, but secretly they are miserable. In the third section the story revolves around Cecelia. Married to a prince, Cecelia is famous; however, she does not like this because she hates the attention. Constantly having her guard up, she is very high strung. The main character in the fourth story is nicknamed “Grasshopper.” She is single and just trying to do her job assignment. She discovers that she wants to be loved and sees how easily she can fall in and out of relationships.

I really enjoyed reading this book. Since the book is broken up into four different stories, I never got bored. Candace Bushnell's style of writing is very fun, like a friend telling the reader secrets. The language is easy to understand but intelligent at the same time. It was so good that I was left wanting more.

I would recommend 4 Blondes to women over the age of fifteen who enjoy hearing gossip. I do not recommend this to men simply because they would strongly dislike these women. Also I do not recommend this for the easily embarrassed because a few of the topics may be uncomfortable for them. Otherwise, you would love reading this wonderful book!

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