November 8, 2007
By joe thometz, Prosser, WA


In the book Ghost of Onyx by Eric Nylund, it is the 26 century there is an intergalactic war going on. It is up to the legendary Spartan 117 also known as Kurt to train 300 new super human Spartans to save humanity against the ruthless Covenant armada. The first group of Spartans miserably fails and soon would the second group of Spartans.
In the midst of all of this, planet earth is on the edge of extinction so humans begin to create colonies on other plants. On of the planets that a colony was started on was the planet Onyx. For some strange reason, no one ever heard of the colonists again.
The planet onyx seems a perfect place for Kurt to train his new Spartans. Years after years of cruel training takes place on Onyx. Throughout the years on the planet a ancient power is discovered deep below the planets surface. The humans realize that with this power they can do things that they could never do before. But bad news, the covenants also know of this ancient power.
So the race is on. Both humans and the covenant are trying their hardest to capture the ancient power beneath the grounds of Onyx. This is the best part of the book. Lots of fighting takes place in this part of this book. It is the best part. In the action of all of the exiting events both the humans and covenant make a critical error, they underestimate the power of Onyx. Now it is not a war against each other, but a war against Onyx. The covenant and Humans must join together to defeat the ancient power. At times it seems as if Onyx will never be defeated, maybe it will, maybe it won't be defeated. You will just have to read it yourself to find out.

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