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Touching Sprit Bear

May 20, 2008
By Anonymous

Touching Sprit Bear

The book Touching Sprit Bear written by Ben Mikaelsen is great book. Cole Mathews is a city kid always getting into trouble. His two latest crimes will probably send him to jail. He had broken into a department store and Peter Driscal told on him. Then he decided to beat Peter senseless. He beat Peters head into the sidewalk, and gave him permanent damage to his face and other body parts. Cole does have a choice. He could go to jail or he could join Circle Justice. The Circle Justice suggests that he could go to an island of the coast of Alaska for a little while. Does he go to Alaska or does he go to jail? You will find out when you read the book Touching Sprit Bear. It is a thriller; you never see anything coming in this book. In this book you will learn whatever you do to animals you do to yourself. I liked this book and I hope you do too.

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