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Come over to My House.

December 10, 2007
By Anonymous

As a young child I loved to read, but at the ages of two and three I didn't necessarily have the brain capacity to read yet, so my mom would read to me and often. Every night after supper I'd push my chair in, clear my spot and scurry upstairs. I would then change into my pjs, brush my teeth and wait in bed. I would wait for my mother to come up stairs and read to me one of my favorite books, Come over to My House. Its vibrant pictures and its rhyming rhythm put me in a magical daze every night my mom would read to me. Before I would lay down my head and fall asleep my mother and I went on an expedition around the world. We went to China, India Switzerland and Israel. We slept in Igloos, huts and hammocks. We ate wild fruit, spaghetti, rice and tea. This book brought my mom and I together and formed a strong bond between the both of us.

I had so much interest and love for this book. It provided me with visuals and knowledge about the world outside of my comfy suburban home. It taught me about other countries and the way people live. It got me interested in people and their unique customs. The book was about children who asked this boy if he wanted to come over and play except these children lived all around the world. The innocence of the plot really allowed me to put myself in this boy's shoes as if I was going around the world to play with many kids. I learned that not all people live in a house of bricks with a lawn. I learned that some people live in a floating town of boats and some kids ride a gondola to get to school.

This book dared me to ask why and how. It encouraged me to expand my imagination and go where I have never gone before. I had so much fun reading with my mother. I distinctly remember her cooing voice as she turned each page and her enthusiastic tone. My eyes would light up with wonder and my head would spin with imagination. To this day this book still remains one of my favorites and has inspired many of my interests such as the love of traveling. I know that when I grow older I will read this book to my kids and they'll read it to their kids so that the love for this book will be kept alive.

“There are so many houses you'll meet on your way. And wherever you go, you will hear someone say… Come over to my house! Come over to play!”

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