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Life Is Not a Fairy Tale

January 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Life Is Not a Fairy Tale

Simon and Schuster, 2005, 226 pp., $13.00

Fantasia Barrino

ISBN-13: 9780743282659

What do you do when you think your life is over, and you think there is nothing you can do? Perseverance is the word to know. Fantasia Barrino could probably tell you a little bit about perseverance. Fantasia suffered much heartache while trying to achieve her dream of becoming an American Idol, but she never gave up.

For much of Fantasia's life, not much was given. A lot was required, but her experiences have shown her that the amount of pain you endure will eventually result in abundance, as long as you stay faithful. At the age of 17, Fantasia was in danger of becoming just another sad statistic. She was an uneducated, unmarried teenage mother living in the projects.

When she finds out she is pregnant, she feels that her life is over. Her friends and family turn on her, and even her own boyfriend J.B. did not support her. Fantasia would never give up. She chased her dream, and it all came true!

Fantasia often talks about her uplifting life lessons. They are truly inspiring. I recommend this autobiography to anyone who loves music, loves to sing, and is always ready for an inspiring and enthusiastic story!

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