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the year i turned sixteen

May 26, 2008
By Anonymous

The year I turned sixteen’ is an eye-capturing book that shows the undwindling spirit of a teenager, and the emotional turmoil that comes with stepping into the crucial stage of being neither a child nor an adult. Vinita is a fifteen year old spunky teenager with a talent for writing and whose sixteenth birthday is just around the corner.

A typical Indian girl, living a sheltered life in Delhi, quite a few times she has to face reality and make decisions. With an impulse to listen to her heart, and the refrainment of abiding by the Indian tradition she was in constant debate with herself concerning her dreams and her path in life.

She and her friends in the Comm. C. circle share a wonderful bond. Jokes and fun fill the air, following suit are the unaccountable crushes and a shattering secret that is all set to doom one of the friends. Besides this, there comes an American in their midst who sets Vinita’s pulse racing, Vinita must also reset her goals and what she wants from life. Tracing and retracing Vinita’s dreams and ambitions and decisions this novel set in the modern day Delhi scenario, is a must read for teenagers!

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