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The Hollow Kingdom by Clare Dunkle

March 7, 2008
By Anonymous

Have you ever felt as if you're being watched? So much so, that it made you ill and people questioned your sanity? If so, you might feel like Kate, a girl who goes on an adventure of a lifetime in the captivating trilogy of The Hollow Kingdom by Clare Dunkle.
Kate and her little sister Emily, traveled to Hallow Hill after their father died to live with their cousin and two aunts. While their cousin lives in a mansion-like house, Kate, Emily and their aunts live in a nice sized house upon the property that rightfully belonged to Kate. It was more comfortable for them and Kate was relieved that she hadn't needed to live with their treacherous cousin.
Soon after their arrival, Kate felt strange feelings of being watched. Her 'family' worried about her as the feelings grew worse. One evening, Emily and Kate stumbled along an area that was more beautiful than anything they had ever seen. It was like a sanctuary for them.

One evening the sisters were out walking when a great storm came upon the land of Hallow Hill, they lost their way and couldn't figure out how to get back home. In their strange tangent across the land they found a 'band of gypsies' that consisted of strange men in dark cloaks, a large black cat and a small old woman. The woman told the girls' fortunes and one of the black-hooded figures was asked to guide them home. Suddenly, Kate decided that she wasn't going to ride the man's horse, but Emily did and that worried her. Kate walked alongside Marak (the man) and Emily through the storm.
When they arrived home Emily went inside. Marak revealed his face to Kate. Horrified, Kate was accused of being crazy and making up the whole thing that had happened that night.
Later on, she was locked up in the cousin's house. She lied to the psychologist and said she was perfectly fine, she knew nothing of what her cousin was talking about. Goblins? Preposterous! She was locked in the room again and her cousin told her that Emily had been kidnapped in the night. Kate knew that the goblins had taken her, the goblin King Marak must've taken her captive to get Kate to become his wife!

Kate broke out of the room and asked for the black cat, Seylin for help. Seylin could speak and perform magic, he could get her out of the mansion. Seylin complied and took Kate to the gobbling kingdom that resided underneath Hallow Hill.

She went to the King and promised him she'd marry him so her sister could be safe. He was greatly flattered, but, he did not have Emily captive and 'goblins never lie'. Marak did decide to help his bride in finding her sister though. Who kidnapped Emily? Will Kate ever see her sister again?

What about the evil lurking ahead? What will it be like to never see the stars again?

I for one, thought this book was amazingly written! It made me think about theories I had never expected to hear from a fictional fantasy-land. Clare Dunkle's descriptions of the landscapes were absolutely amazing! If you want to think differently about life, go through the journeys of a courageous woman and be captivated by a wonderful plot, check out The Hollow Kingdom by Clare Dunkle as soon as you can!

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Pagerda SILVER said...
on Feb. 16 2010 at 8:01 pm
Pagerda SILVER, Senatobia, Mississippi
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Very well written review. The Hollow Kingdom is my all-time favorite book to date. It's a splendid read, and it's great to see that you also enjoyed it.