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The Battle of Jericho by Sharon M. Draper

February 7, 2008
By Anonymous

“Jericho what are you doing, are you confused, make your choice fast you are running out of time.” All Jericho needs is that black leather jacket and everything will fall right into place for him. He already has that car that he got for Christmas, now he is on the verge of getting that picture “perfect girl”. At this point he will do anything to get that black leather jacket and all the extras that it bring with it. That includes all that popularity that he has never felt, and all the girls that he wants. Something told him that every word that comes out these so called “men” that are suppose to teach them the “brotherhood” in being in a club is all about is all a lie. The battle of Jericho, a thriller, will show you all the little traps that people could put all around you that you may not notice.

The boy that has never gone on a real date with a girl before is about to get the ride of a lifetime. The different stages that he is about to face can break him or make him. First he gets the opportunity to be apart of the well-known secret school club, then the girl he only speaks to in his dreams, and the brand new car he never expected. What else better could happen to Jericho or should I say what other bad thing could happen to Jericho? Jericho, that boy that wants to grow up so fast, will only get younger everyday.

“Don't you dare do it I am telling you!” That voice is pushing, shoving, running doing everything that it can to get the message across to this hard headed boy named Jericho. “You will regret this, trust me you will.” Now this voice is just becoming a small whisper in Jericho's head and is packing all its bags in disappointment. That's why Jericho is my favorite character, he is just like me. We both despise that thing some were in our body that is called our conscious. We both like doing our own thing knowing what is right and what is wrong. The battle of Jericho, the book that reminds me of my self, can remind you of your self to if you listen very closely.

The battle of Jericho will make you twist and turn. You will drop the book saying “I have had it”, it will just make you pull out your hair because of Jericho's decisions, and that's why I love this book. But the #1 reason I adore this book is because it leaves at a state that will have you screaming for an on core, it leaves with more suspense then you can you handle. Something that it will do to you is make you keep on reading. But something that I really despise is that every time you put it down you down with in 2 minutes it will have you running back to the book, it have you take it every were. This book, the book that will have you get in trouble at the dinner table, will take you on a ride of a lifetime that you will never forget.

While I was reading was I suppose to feel all of the feelings that Jericho felt, was I suppose to connected to him? Well if I wasn't that is to bad because I felt the times he felt happy, depressed, exited, irritated, and sad. I felt like I was his best friend that he was spilling his guts out to. But the felling that I felt the strongest was when he felt the confutation, and the frustration that came out of felling confused. Most teenagers fell that pressure that he felt to be cool and excepted by everyone. What does he do when he is feeling like he is drowning in his own ocean of thoughts? Jericho is trying to fit in, in a world were no one is really popular.

“Warriors rock, warriors rule”
Those 4 words that seem to be just any ordinary words, but really they are filled with secrets, mystery, and action, but what can those 4 words do to Jericho? Well I will tell you what those word can do to him it can brain wash him and eat him alive. I highly recommend this book to ages 13 and up, and those that are on the verge of doing anything just to fit in and be one of them. I recommend this book to them because they don't understand the dangers of being a teenager. It teaches them that they don't have to go in a room that has “DANGER” written all over it, because everyone is doing it and they say it is cool.

“Jericho time is up. Stop trying, theirs no point, your done.” When you read this book make sure to buckle your seat belt, it's going to be an emotional ride. Overall, you will feel what you have never felt while reading this book. You will feel like you have meet your true love and that you will never want to leave it. The battle of Jericho will be stuck to your heart like a tattoo. Sharon M. Draper has succeeded in making him feel as though he is my brother. Well take my advice and read this wonderful book.

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kid9 said...
on Jul. 19 2011 at 7:36 pm
I didn't think it was very good. Leaves you hanging at the end of the book. I had to read it for school and I didn't think it kept my attention at all. It's just like every other teenage book  "Romance", and popularity.