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Notorious: An It Girl Novel by Cecily von Ziegesar

February 19, 2008
By Anonymous

Jenny Humphrey has just became the “It Girl” at her new boarding school. She thinks that she has everyone and everything at her new school figured out when the former “It Girl” is back. Jenny is now battling her spot with former “It Girl” Tinsley Carmichael who was expelled last year. When Tinsley returns, all backs are turned to Jenny. Everyone wants to be friends with Tinsley.

Are searching for that one book that you can connect with? That one book that hooks you in? Don't worry, I was you 4 months ago. Before I found the It Girl series, I never found reading interesting. Now, I have found what I had been looking for. The It Girl series, especially Notorious, will keep you hooked just like your favorite soap opera. Each character is caught up in drama.

Notorious picks up after the opening book of the It Girl series. It starts with the beginning of Tinsley's return. Brett and Callie are excited for their best friends return. Jenny on the other hand is worried that after replacing the beautiful and most popular Tinsley, that it will be snatched right back from under her.

This is my favorite book in the series. Cecily von really knows how to surprise you. This book is full of suspense. The end has so much suspicious; making you read the next book. The following books are also very good. I think that she has done a great job with this series.

Without these books I would have missed out on a great experience. I have learned that reading is not just something that teachers make you do, it's actually interesting. These books will make you crave reading. It will leave your brain rattling until you read on.

So, with that said, drop silly book that you just grabbed from the library so your teacher thinks you are reading, run the nearest store, grab the whole it girl series, and be prepared for non-stop reading.

This book makes me think about who your really friends are. It shows me how you know how your real friends are and who just uses you. It is all about trusting your friends.

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