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Boston Jane By Jennifer L. Holm

April 20, 2008
By Anonymous

Boston Jane is a fiction tale about a girl named Jane, her travels across the sea to marry her dream boy, and the choices she makes that will change her life forever. Told from Jane's point of view, this story, takes place in the mid- to late- 1800s, some time after the Civil War. Boston Jane is a romantic, adventurous, and meaningful story.

The story takes place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The book focuses on Jane, who is a daring and brave girl who finally decides to leave her childhood and to become a woman. Her father is a surgeon and decides to hire a newly educated surgeon to help him on rounds to help patients. His partner, William Baldt, whom Jane falls in love with, convinces Jane she should leave her childhood and go to etiquette school to become a woman. After 1 year of going on rounds he decides to go to frontier land where he can start a business in timber. Three years later William asks Jane to come out to frontier land and marry him.

Trying to make her decision Jane figures out that by marrying him, all her fantasy dreams will come true. She will be marrying the man of her dreams and she will get to go by sea, which she has always wanted to do. When she tells her father about William's proposal he immediately says no and that's that. Then, one day he finally gives his approval and lets her go but she has to take her maid, Mary. When she gets out to the frontier, she finds out that William is not there and she sleeps outside and waits for him to come.

Boston Jane is full of adventure and Holm tries to make the reader think that William is going to be there when Jane gets there. But will he be there? If you would like to find out, find out by reading Boston Jane.

This novel, in my opinion, is my favorite book of all. It shows that in every twist and turn you can get through by yourself even if it means going back home and not marrying your dream boy.

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