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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

October 28, 2011
By honeybee2803 BRONZE, Nelspruit, Other
honeybee2803 BRONZE, Nelspruit, Other
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optimist: a man who walks into a restaurant without any money and figures on paying for his meal with the pearl he hopes to find in the oyster he's planning to order.

Ever since I saw the back of the last Harry Potter book, I've been really struggling to get back into the gist of things. Bear in mind that this was over two years ago...
I blame myself. I've been filling my brain with lame fan fiction and then went on to read even lamer vampire books. The thing is, I didnt even stop with the vampire books, they just kept coming - each one worse than the one before.
And then I met Katniss Everdeen.
What can I say, I fell in love! Okay, maybe love is an eggageration, but still, to quote Stephenie Meyer (who's love of the trilogy really made me doubt the book's validity....) "THE HUNGER GAMES IS AMAZING!"!!!! And it's true.
Set in the distant future where North America no longer exists, is a girl who hunts to provide for her family. Katniss's sister is then chosen to participate in the Hunger Games - an annual reality show where 12 girls and 12 boys are selected to kill each other until there's only one standing.
Katniss immediately steps up to take her sister's place and is thrown into the Hunger Games with a boy named Peeta.
There is constant - and I mean CONSTANT - "oh my goodness!" moments. I mean it when I say it took less than a week to finish and then I rushed to get the next book!
If you havent read it, GO DO IT NOW!!


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