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Shade's Children by Garth Nix

September 29, 2012
By INKorporated GOLD, Auckland, Other
INKorporated GOLD, Auckland, Other
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Brought up in a brutal city environment, Gold-eye would scurry through the deserted streets and buildings alone, forever running and hiding from the Overlords. That is until he is found by a group of teenagers who call themselves Shade’s Children. But what is Shade? And what are the Overlords? Gold-eye wonders. Garth Nix gives you little clues along the way but never fully answers these questions until the last few chapters. Readers are sure to be hooked from the first sentence.
Shade’s Children is a brilliant sci-fi book, you will never read any book like it. Having such an original storyline partnered with Garth’s flowing, pacey writing style makes for a great book. The twists in the plot make it extremely hard to put down and characters are interesting yet believable.
For those Garth Nix fans you may be pleasantly surprised by Shade’s Children – or not. This book is extremely different from his others, especially the Old Kingdom series. There is also quite a bit of cussing and sexual references throughout the book so it is not recommended for anyone under twelve.
Overall, Shade’s Children is a deliciously original young adult book that any teenage girl or boy will enjoy thoroughly.

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