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Fallen by Lauren Kate

February 8, 2013
By iam4evermyself PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
iam4evermyself PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
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"Hope. It is the only thing greater than fear. A little hope is effective. A lot of hope is dangerous. A spark is okay, as long as it's contained."

The book Fallen not just shows another portrayal of a boy and girl falling in love
but the struggle of dealing with loss, betrayal, pain, and life. Luce price's has moved to the
Swords & Cross boarding school in Savannah, Georgia.. They Belive that this place would
help save they're "troubled" daughter. Luce always says she can see shadows but no one
every believes her. She goes everywhere and the shadows comes with her. Her parents
have taken her to doctor, after doctor, after doctor. But nothing seems to work. When at the
school, right away she beings misses her family, her best friend Callie, but most importantly,
her late boyfriend Trevor. When they kissed the shadows came, create fire on his body, and
burnt him to death. Luce "CLAMIED" it wasn't here fault, but still no no cares. Now she is
sentenced to finished her senior year in this torcher chamber of a high school.
While at Swords & Cross, she meets Cam, Daniel, Gabbe, Todd, Arriane, and Penn.
When she meets Daniel for the first time, she is drawn to him, and falls deeply in love with
him.. However, he doesn't get the same connection right away, he's really just trying to get
away from her. But some how, they still get drawn closer. No matter what luce tries to do, it's
just like he doesn't want to ge near her. She then decides to find out more about him by
using the school documents. Sadly, nothing come up. Wait What???!! Nothing comes up
about him. While going love handle crazy on Daniel, Cam starts to bring a large liking to
her. They start to hang out more, but she still has feeling for Daniel. After many traumatic

events one after another, Luce starts to question what going on. Daniel has a secret, Cam
have a secret. They all have secrets that could cost many lives. Luce doesn't care about that,
she still wants to know who Daniel truly is. Daniel........ Is an ANGEL.
This book is just captivating to me. It's amazing how you are drawn to every word.
When i was reading this book, i was so into it, anytime my mom kept calling me, i wasn't
paying any attention. She was yelling at me, and all i could hear was the book bringing out
it's expression, and visions on me. It was like watching a movie. With big imagination, you
really see how it would look. Things that you should look out for in the book in Luce's
emotion, and actions. Some of those things would lead on later. Also look out for some
adventure scenes, and bittersweet moments in the book. If your anything like me, those
moments will surely catch you on. Lastly, when reading about Daniel, monitor what he does.
It will beyond any doubt change how you see Daniel. Certainly, it did for me.
Overall, readers that love twilight, action, Violence, and Romantic Fiction will be a
book you would want to read. Girls would definitely love this book, but even boys would
like this too. It's not just about romance, it's about life struggles, and going through this. For
ages 12 and up i would recommended this book. Also, to the library, i hope that you will be
able to get the rest of this wonderful series. I am on the third book, and it's amazing for me
to read. To find about more about this series, visit this website : www.laurenkatebooks.
Thank you so much. I really hope you consider reading this book, and this wonderful series
full of Mystery, action, and secretes.

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