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Halloween Eve by Brandon Montclare & Amy Reeder MAG

September 3, 2013
By Confused_scheherazade ELITE, Brooklyn, New York, New York
Confused_scheherazade ELITE, Brooklyn, New York, New York
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Thanks to my wonderfully annoying sister (I hope she's not reading this), we were able to attend the New York Comic Con, where I ­purchased a signed copy of Halloween Eve by Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder. This is one of the best comics to read right before Halloween, giving you a great treat with the bizarre tricks and touches of a story that is truthfully magical and bizarre.

The titular protagonist, Eve, is a snarky and stylish dresser, better at sizing up other people than herself. She hates Halloween with a biting fury, which unfortunately makes her miserable at her ill-fitted job at a costume shop.

One night, after unleashing a big tantrum, Eve is banished by her boss to an involuntary nighttime shift at the shop. In dark, unsuspecting time before Halloween, Eve is confronted by talking masks and monsters, and soon finds herself in Halloween Land, where every day is Halloween, which to Eve spells Hell.

Halloween Eve is a hilariously brilliant one-shot comic. Eve is a sarcastic, yet vulnerable leading lady whose complex transformation leads her to look herself in the mirror and finally figure out who she wants to be.

Reeder's penciling, inking, coloring, and lettering, in a ­vibrant mass of colors and scenes that capture the heart of the characters and Halloween, skillfully accompany an imaginative and hilarious storyline by Montclare.

Nightmare Before Christmas meets How the Grinch Stole Christmas, with an enormous dash of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Halloween Eve is a comic that is both touching and entertaining, and a read you won't regret.

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