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Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

January 25, 2018
By SecretButterfly16 GOLD, Sacramento, California
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Does love make you do crazy things? In this rocky love story, Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon is about a girl who is allergic to the Earth, Which in other words mean she can't go outside otherwise she could die. Everything Everything is a story that is great for teenagers and adults who love who like reading about forbidden love. It's also a great story for people who don't understand the life behind illnesses. This book weakens our hearts for a moment for these fictional characters. This book is worths spending your time to read it.

Madeline Whittier is 18 years old and has a combined immunodeficiency, also  known as “bubble baby disease”. Her whole life it's only been her, her mom, and her nurse Clara. Madeline has never left her house, well that was until a new family moved in next door. That's where our love story begins. Olly (short for Oliver) and Madeline start emailing each other on line. But that wasn't enough for our two forbidden lovers. Olly starts to visit at her house in secret, but even that wasn't enough, so they take the biggest risk of all that could cost Madeline’s life from that point forward her life goes down hill.

The two main characters, Olly and Madeline, couldn't be more different. Olly goes outside and has exploited, Madeline stays in shut out from the world. I believe this is what makes there connection spark. The curiosity of wanting more,a new experience to take risks and live on the edge with no thought of the costs is what Ollys and Madeleines relationship is built on.

The roller coaster of romance,risk,betrayal, and forbiddenness is all reasons why this book is worth anyone's time. The book leaves you on the edge of your seat worried something might happen to the lovers. Deep down you want them to be alright and make it through and to have everything be okay. That's what makes you read the book and I would highly recommend you take the risk and read.

Diseases stops lives from living, In Everything Everything we are introduced to a sick teenage girl who was  stopped by her sickness to live her life fully. Even though this book was based on fictional characters is shows us and opens us to the reality that there are real people who are sick and are held back by their sicknesses. Most people would focus on the love story, but  when you really look athe the big picture its the struggle of having this sickness that draws the reader's attention. Nicola Yoon is a New York Times best selling Author. Her skills to draw the attention of readers to a sickness and to a forbidden love story is extraordinary!

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