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Body Language

January 11, 2019
By Anonymous

The writing titled, “Body Language,” written by Emma Saybert, talks about how harmful words can be to some people. Her writing left me feeling surprised on how what one says can be so harmful to another. This writing was wonderfully written. This writing is put into so much detail, showing how someone feels when they cant think about anything else but their insecurities. When the writing says, “One word, all it took was one word,” this shows how powerful words can be and how just one word can change somebody. This writing doesn't fully apply to me. Yeah, people say hurtful things to me, but I have just found it easier than others to just shrug it off and forget about it. I do have many friends with insecurities, showing me how similar this writing is to how they feel. When her instructor states, “Never apologize for who you are,” this shows how words can be harmless as well. Showing someone that they are special and loved can also can change their life for the better.

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