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Bird Box

January 23, 2019
By SecretButterfly16 GOLD, Sacramento, California
SecretButterfly16 GOLD, Sacramento, California
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Can’t see, you will die if you see the entity that takes form of your worst fears or deepest sadness. Searching for hope and a new beginning, a woman named Malorie and her children, boy and girl, embark on a dangerous journey through the woods and down a river to find a place of refuge.

The movie Bird Box is based on a book, but the movie takes a thrilling turn away from the book’s gory tale. The main character is played by Sandra Bullock who magnificently captures the essence of her character who is unable to connect due to her past experience with her father and ex boyfriend. The relationship with her boyfriend getting her pregnant. The movie takes place in three different locations depending on the sences. It was filmed in Monrovia, Santa Cruz, and Scripps College. The movie is about a dark entity that takes over the world and if you see these creatures they will show you your worst fears or deepest sadness and you will die.

Compared to the book, Bird Box is really mellow. In the book it has a lot more darker details. At the blind school most of the people where just blind or could see, but in the book the author described how some of the people there had cut out their eyes so they wouldn't be tempted to see it at all. There where other parts in the book that were cut or changed in the movie. Some characters where even added as well that weren't even mentioned in the book. Don't get me wrong, the characters that were added where a nice touch and added more to the movie. The Director of the movie Susanne Bier said she didn't like really gory movies but loved a good thriller and so Bird Box was changed. Was it for the better? It depends on the audience but in my opinion it made the movie even more enjoyable and since it got certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes I believe the majority of people agree with me.

The nail biting thriller Bird box is worthy of being seen by scary movie lovers such as myself. I recommend it for mature teenagers and adults. The movie will keep you looking away but making want to watch it over and over again but just remember if you see it, you die.

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