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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

April 8, 2019
By Anonymous

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol is the fourth installment in the Mission Impossible franchise and continues the wild roller coaster that is Ethan Hunt's adventures. It all starts when Hunt, who is a skilled CIA agent, is needed to be rescued from a heavily guarded Russian prison. He soon learns about the death of an agent, who was trying to capture a classified file. While in possession of the file, the CIA agent was shot down by a trained assassin, who was also seeking the file. In order to gain back the information, Hunt and Benji, who is now a field agent, must break into the Kremlin and steal what they need, and as they do their best to act as thieves, they learn that trying to steal from thieves isn't as easy as it sounds. After somebody betrays them, Hunt and his team are blamed for a terrorist attack. Because of this, the entire Impossible Mission Force agency is disavowed and replaced with something called the Ghost Protocol. Hunt must regain the United State's trust by preventing another attack from somebody on the inside. However, Hunt is without any resources or backup and is going to be labeled by the government of the United States as a "rogue extremist," but the secretary of the Impossible Mission Force believes in Hunt and is giving him a slight advantage for solving the mission. Albeit, that slight advantage is turned into dust when the Russians start tracking them down, unafraid of killing. Ethan must work with William Brandt, a chief analyst, along with Benji, and a few others, in an attempt to clear the name of their agency and stop the terrorist, Hendricks, who's armed with explosive weapons and most likely a nuclear device. This mission might prove to be Hunt's most difficult, but either way, Ethan will have to accomplish the impossible on his brave mission. 

 Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol is an action-packed thriller that knows how to keep the adrenaline pumping from start to finish and proves to be incredibly intense. In one part of the movie, Ethan Hunt is forced to climb up the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, which manages to create an exhilarating scene that allows viewers to get a realistic moment that highlights Hunt's physical dominance, as well as aid in making the movie feel like it could happen in real life. Because this portion of the movie involves the tallest building in the world, not just any typical tall skyscraper, there is a tremendous amount of suspense and excitement as Ethan Hunt attempts to do what few have ever even thought of. This movie proves to be more fun, more adventurous, and way more entertaining than the last one in just about every manner possible. Although the third movie in the franchise definitely toppled over the second, the fourth manages to topple over the third triumphantly, since it excels more in every single area. 

 There's more of Benji in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol and that's absolutely a good thing, because he's an instant fan favorite character that is both relatable and has the ability to introduce audiences to the spy world smoothly. Tom Cruise returns to play the role of Ethan Hunt, and he continues to prove why this is the role he was made for. Cruise is still able to be the face of the franchise, and he does a fantastic job of being the lead character in the movie and is able to transform into the amazing spy that everybody is able to fall in love with and root for.
 Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol knows how to keep audiences invested in the movie, and they do precisely that in a successful manner, which allows the movie to create superb action and arguably the best movie in the series to date. Hunt leads this movie and takes the meaning of thriller to the next level, causing the movie to be more than deserving of their outstanding 93% review from Rotten Tomatoes, and is, without a doubt, worth the time to watch. However, for those who haven't yet watched any of the other Mission Impossible movies, this probably isn't the best place to start.

However, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol will definitely not disappoint. Mission accomplished. 

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"Ok. Jumping. Jumping now. Jump now?" - William Brandt

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