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July 4, 2019
By Anonymous

 Logan takes place during the near future and revolves around a weary and weak Logan that is caring for an ailing and dying Professor X. Although Logan has practically given up the mantle of being the Wolverine, he still does his best to help the professor at a remote location on the Mexican border.

Together, the two of them are all that remains of the X-Men, but their plan to hide from the outside world and live in a life of privacy is all upended when a woman begs Logan to help a child that she knows and bring her to safety. This young girl is a mutant with powers and a personality very similar to Logan, so much so that he questions whether or not she is his daughter in some way. Logan agrees to help the girl for the money, and shortly after, Logan, Professor X, and the little girl are heading towards safety, just as Logan begins to protect her from the dark forces that wish to obtain and capture her. As Logan is once again challenged to his very limit, because Professor X is in no position to fight and Logan feels as though the little girl gets into more trouble than necessary, he must transform into the hero that he tried to give up being long ago. 

Logan proves to be a dark and intense version of the Wolverine that places him in a situation so difficult, at times, it feels as if Logan is meant to fail. Dark and gritty in its entirety, the movie proves to be more grounded than some of the other X-Men movies and is realistic throughout. The beginning of the movie seamlessly introduces audiences to this near future and immediately showcases how dark and cruel this new world truly is. The middle of the movie does a marvelous job of progressing the movie along and manages to present challenging obstacles for all of the characters, but in particular, there is a heavy focus on challenging Logan to his very limit. The enticing ending of the movie proves to be emotionally profound and is absolutely capable of making audiences feel an entire spectrum's worth of emotions, due to a conclusion that delicately balances between being heartbreaking and heartwarming. The conclusion manages to utilize an epic battle that allows the ending to become exhilarating, and when this is combined with how it ties back together with the start of the movie, the entire adventure becomes cohesive from start to finish. 

 Logan might not be the Wolverine at his happiest, but it may certainly be the character at his finest. The Wolverine has always been a cinematic character that's been on the darker side, specifically due to his dark origin and how he's cursed with outliving all of those that he cares about, but this movie elevates that theme and those elements to the next level. Logan is brutally vicious in this movie, and he's no longer the fierce fighter that he once was. Instead, he's sick, dying, weakened and nothing short of a shell of his former self. This concept allows the Wolverine to become relatable and strangely easy to root for, which is odd, especially considering that he was always been a fan-favorite character, but in this adventure, he's more realistic, so it's almost like rooting for an underdog. 

 Logan manages to have a star-studded cast that aids in elevating the movie to the next level. Hugh Jackman does an unbelievably fantastic job of transforming into Logan, and he brings an unprecedented level of emotion, passion, and intensity that puts all his other performances of the character to shame. Patrick Stewart gives an amazing portrayal of Professor X, and because he manages to bring the concept of Professor X being towards the end of his lifetime to life, it almost becomes heartbreaking to see the professor as a hollow version of his former self. Dafne Keen does a great job of playing X-23, which is the name of the little girl that Logan agrees to protect and take care of. There are some other notable roles, like Stephen Merchant's Caliban, but the real heart of the movie is the combination of Professor X, Logan and X-23 adventuring together, and this is only made possible by some truly noteworthy actors. 

 Logan has the rare ability to be enjoyed by both critics and viewers alike. Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie an outstanding 93%, which is just as impressive as it sounds, and a whopping 94% of Google users liked the movie, solidifying the concept that a wide variety of audiences found satisfaction with the movie. 

 Logan has majestic visuals, an astounding plot, a talented cast and a concept so grand in scope that even the bad parts are good, making this a triumphant hit that will absolutely surpass any and all expectations with pride. The movie will definitely transcend how people will view both Professor X and especially Logan as characters, and this adventure manages to do both characters' long history justice. For that, and that alone, this movie already becomes a must-see, but coupled with all of its other strengths, this movie transforms into one that needs to be seen as soon as possible. 

The author's comments:

"Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And God made me last too long" - Logan/The Wolverine

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