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The Boy with Green Hair

November 11, 2019
By Anonymous

During WWII, many children lost their parents and family, resulting in them becoming orphans. The war was a hard time, but with the help of family, light was able to shine through on such a dark time. The Boy with Green Hair by Joseph Losey is considered an American fantasy-drama film. Joseph Losey used a dramatic story line to tell. story based in the time period of WWII, This movie deals with a lonely orphan named Peter Frye ( Played by Dean Stockwell) who is passed around from home to home after his parents were killed in WWII. Peter then gets placed with a man named Gramps who is a small town waiter. Peter refers to Gramps has his safety and security as he is the only person Peter has been able to get close to and behave like a young boy should. The producer, Joseph Losey was an American theatre and film director. He is known for multiple movies but in his time, he created around 18 movies.

The movie does not talk much about Peters past life with his parents before the accident but is able to give us a brief overview on what happened, and is able to shed light on why Peter is the way he is now, Stubborn. Peter finds out that he is an orphan shortly after he settles into Gramps home, as suspected, he does not take the news too well. For Peter, the day was coming to an end and he decided to go to bed unknowingly, the next day will shortly change his life. As Peter wakes the next morning, he heads into the bathroom and is greeted with a head full of bright green hair! Stunned but not too phased, Peter tells Gramps he has green hair but no one is too phased or affected by it.

“Gramps, I have Green hair.” “Oh, That's good Peter.”

When Peter and Gramps go out for the day, this is when Peter realizes he is considered an outcast and a burden due to the fact that he now has green hair. Peter meets a small group of kids who don’t believe him when he says he has green hair, but when he lifts his cap off his head, They're stunned and can't believe their eyes. Many Adults and Children are stunned by his hair and start to call him names and make fun of him. Peter quickly becomes reluctant about his hair and starts to hate it. 

“I just want my old hair back!”

The Boy with Green Hair is a good movie on how society viewed people who didn't follow the normal way of life, including their hair color. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a classic with drama and to get a good laugh. 

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